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Join us on a journey to North Argentina, where the Gauchos ride on horse back and the passion for good, honest food brings friends and family together from near and far - Bienvenido a La Posta / Welcome to La Posta.

Voted one of 20 best "Up Market" restaurants in Jakarta 2018 by ‘Foodies’ magazine, La Posta is a steak house like few others in Jakarta. From “W0W” beef cuts to delicious, homemade Argentine favourites and a traditional folk music backdrop, in La Posta restaurant you will immediately feel free from the hustle of the city.


North Argentine Favorites —



Traditional Argentine pasties with loads of great savoury fillings. We make the shortcrust pastry in house and bake (rather than fry) the empanada for a perfect golden finish. Famous from the North of Argentina are the Salteñas which also happen to be one of Chef Panchos specialities.


Humita en Chala

This is a delicious indigenious inspired appetiser cooked in a corn leaf and filled with creamy sweetcorn. It's one of the most unique small dishes in La Posta, sweet, earthy and slightly spicy .



Revuelto Gramajo

The story of the Revuelto Gramajo is that during battle in Argentina a General asked his Coronel (Artemio Gramajo) to quickly prepare him something to eat. With nothing but a few potatoes, eggs and scraps of ham left, he put together this dish that the General then requested daily. A must try, and great as a sharing appetiser.




La Parilla Argentina

The Argentineans are renowned for their meat and style of cooking. It's simple, honest and incredibly tasty. Expect some of the most typical cuts from the North of Argentina including our spectacular salt crusted beef ribs or our signature 800g ribeye steak.


Pansotti/ Sorrentino

The Argentineans reinvented the Italian ravioli and came up with these incredible equivalents - "Sorrentino" and "Pansotti". Carefully created home-made pasta packed with classic fillings and matched with the perfect sauce of your choice. A great vegetarian option - we absolutely love them.



Churrasco Salteño

A unique way to enjoy a classic sirloin steak. This North Argentine cut is highly favoured in Salta. It allows for an even cook and is ideal with a touch of Chef Pancho's garlic Chimmichurri vinaigrette.

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In 2014 Kat and Chef Pancho moved to Jakarta and set up barbecue catering company “Taste Of Argentina.” After nearly two years of determination and hard work they met new business partners, equally as passionate about quality food and service as they are. So began the group's first restaurant project together.

Today Chef Pancho and Kat are the faithful faces at the La Posta - Taste Of Argentina.

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Jl. Karet Pasar Baru Timur 5, No. 25, Tanah Abang
Jakarta Pusat 10250


Mon – Sat: 11 am - 3 pm / 6 pm – 10 pm

CLOSED: All day Sunday

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+62 812 8587 2935