Authentic North Argentine Cuisine

Inspired by the meeting point of the iconic gaucho--renowned cowboys, sometime-outlaws and daring national symbols of Argentina--La Posta is a comfortable hangout spot in Central Jakarta, where friends and family can socialise while enjoying North Argentinian cuisine.


Some of Our Favorites —



These delicious Argentine pasties come with a variety of savoury fillings. We make the shortcrust pastry in house and bake (rather than fry) the empanada for a lovely golden finish. Particularly famous from the North of Argentina are the Salteñas which also happen to be one of Chef Panchos specialities, served with spicy Jawa tomato sauce.


Humita en Chala

In this traditional appetiser, a corn leaf is filled with creamy sweetcorn, a chunk of cheese and a touch of basil. An indigenous dish that is both deliciously sweet and slightly spicy.



La Parilla Argentina

The Argentineans are renowned for their meat and style of cooking. The "asado" style grill is simple, honest and incredibly tasty. Expect some of the most typical "parrilla"  (grill) cuts from the North of Argentina including beef ribs and our signature 800g ribeye steak.



When Italians first emigrated to Argentina, they introduced their famous ravioli which the Argentine locals reinvented. The Sorrentino is a round, sizable, stuffed pasta and the Pansotti is a square filled pasta.


Matambre Arrollado

A cold-cut beef appetiser using a piece of meat that is normally disregarded in other countries, the matambre (lit. "kill hunger"-- because traditionally it was given to the poor) is the piece which covers the ribs and is usually quite tough. The large cut is stuffed with vegetables and herbs before being sewn up and boiled for hours in salted and herbed water.



Chef Pancho and Kat met in Spain in 2006. They opened their first restaurant, La Bonita, in Valencia, serving a mix of Argentine and Mediterranean cuisine. After two years they moved to a bigger and brighter premises, Esquina 20, sharing with the locals Pancho's wealth of knowledge and passion for Argentine food.

In 2014 their lives changed as the European economy dropped and they decided to follow family and move to Jakarta. Their intention was always to open an exclusive Argentine restaurant in the city, and after nearly two years running barbecue catering company “Taste Of Argentina”, they met their current business partners and began on the group’s first restaurant project.

Today Chef Pancho and Kat are the faces at the La Posta - Taste Of Argentina.



Jl. Karet Pasar Baru Timur 5, No. 25
(Daily Foodhall Pavilion 2nd floor)
Jakarta Pusat 10250


Tue – Sun (lunch), 11 am – 4 pm
Mon – Sat (dinner), 6 pm – 11 pm

Closed: Mon lunch & Sun dinner

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+62 812 8587 2935